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X3 Terran Conflict

Terran Conflict is the latest version of the X Series.  Major improvements and additions have been made to X3TC.  Including managing 5 missions in one go,  picking up missions from stations to either fight, Trade, Build or Think.

This is my latest X3TC save game feel free to try it out as of 24th Jan 2013. This save has the Terran Plot, Aldrin Expansion Missions, Final Fury and Goner Plot lines completed, I've started building a small empire and this is a great start for people who want to do the Hub, and HQ missions.  I've also capped four Hyperion's for those who liked those ships in X3 Reunion .....  X10.zip.

Save information can be found here:

Game status: not modified
Ships: 92
Stations: 189
Game time: 1m 13d 03:51:30
Player cash: 170,790,479 Cr
Total ship value: 1,661,015,288 Cr
Total station value: 1,161,163,008 Cr
Total station cash: 1,400,000,000 Cr
Total cash: 1,570,790,479 Cr
Total asset value: 2,822,178,296 Cr


Egosofts latest patch can be found here (2.6):  http://www.egosoft.com/download/x3tc/patches_en.php